Hot and Cold Whisperer (2008)

Hot and Cold Whisperer is based on the traditional children’s game of “hot and cold” and designed as a pair of ear-warmers that transform wireless networks into a playground.

The hot and cold game is normally played by multiple players: a player searches for a hidden object whereas the others yell out the words “warmer” as he gets closer to the object and “colder” as he moves away. Hot and Cold Whisperer, designed in the form of ear warmers, converts this game into a personal urban experience for the user who is in search for a WiFi hotspot. The ear warmers are covered with soft and warm fabric. They snap onto the user’s ears and protect them from cold weather during daily activities. A WiFi detector as well as a pair of headphones are embedded into the system. As the user strolls in the city, a voice whispers words like “hot”, “getting warmer”, “cold” and “colder” into the user’s ears according to the strength of continuously detected WiFi signal.

A translation of the whispered words into visible physical objects and colors. Passers by are invited to wear the Hot and Cold Whisperer, explore the invisible electromagnetic space and enlarge the map by adding balloons.